Led High Bay Light

  • High efficiency up to 200lm/W
  • Lightweight design, save freight
  • Larger PCB board, excellent heat dissipation
  • Various installation methods, flexible and convenient
  • IP66 protection
  • Can be used in -40ºC~+50ºC environment
  • 5 Years warranty



    Product Details



    The C series UFO high bay light, designed for cold storage, integrates the power supply and light body into one unit for enhanced durability and efficiency. It operates reliably in temperatures as low as -40°C, making it ideal for freezers and cold storage warehouses. This robust light ensures consistent illumination and safety in extreme conditions.

    Model No. YS-LHL-60W-C YS-LHL-100W-C YS-LHL-150W-C YS-LHL-200W-C
    Power 60W 100W 150W 200W
    Product Dimension φ220*78(mm) φ265*86(mm) φ300*86(mm) φ330*86(mm)
    Efficiency 155±10%lm/W (Ra>80)
    Luminous Flux (±10%) 9300±10%lm 15500±10%lm 23200±10%lm 31000±10%lm
    Efficiency PLUS 180±10%lm/W (Ra>80)
    Luminous Flux (±10%) 10800±10%lm 18000±10%lm 27000±10%lm 36000±10%lm
    Efficiency PLUS+ 200±10%lm/W (Ra>70)
    Luminous Flux (±10%) 12000±10%lm 20000±10%lm 30000±10%lm 40000±10%lm
    Beam Angle 60°/ 90°/ 120° 60°/ 90°
    CCT 3000K;4000K;5000K;5700K;6500K
    Ingress Protection IP66
    Color Rendering Index Ra>70/80
    Driver Brand TOMCARLINE
    Input Voltage AC120-277V AC200-240V AC200-240V AC200-240V
    Power Factor 0.95
    Frequency 47-63HZ
    Driver Type Constant Current (CC)
    Luminaire Net Weight 1.2kg 1.9kg 2.3kg 2.8kg
    Packing Information 2PCS/CTN 2PCS/CTN 2PCS/CTN 2PCS/CTN
    Export Carton Size 28*27*30CM 33*28*35CM 37*28*39CM 40*28*42CM
    Gross Weight 3.3kg 4.8kg 5.8kg 6.8kg
    Material Housing Aluminum Alloy
    Optics PC lens
    Finish Powder Coating
    Fixture Color Black
    Mounting Option Ring mounting/ Hook Hanging/ Ceiling Mounting/ Pendant 1/2″NPT installation
    Storage temperature range -30~+70ºC
    Storage humidity range 85% max.
    Operating temperature range -40ºC~+50ºC
    Operating humidity range 85% max.
    Life Time 50.000 hours
    Warranty 5 Years
    Dimmable 1-10V dimmable
    Optional Accessories 0-10V dimmable



    UFO LED High Bay Light for Cold Storage

    Q1: What is a UFO LED High Bay Light ?

    A1: A UFO LED High Bay Light is a high-efficiency lighting fixture designed for industrial and warehouse environments. Its shape resembles a UFO, providing high brightness and a long lifespan.


    Q2: What temperature range are these lights suitable for?

    A2: LED High Bay Light are specially designed for cold storage and can operate reliably in temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F).


    Q3: What are the benefits of the integrated power supply and light body design?

    A3: The integrated design enhances durability and reliability, simplifies installation and maintenance, and improves overall efficiency.


    Q4: How do these lights perform in cold storage environments?

    A4: These lights provide stable illumination in cold storage environments, unaffected by low temperatures, ensuring high performance and safety.


    Q5: Are these lights easy to install and maintain?

    A5: Yes, thanks to their integrated design, UFO industrial mining lights are easy to install and maintain, making them ideal for cold storage applications requiring frequent use and high efficiency.


    Q6: What specific applications are these lights suitable for?

    A6: They are ideal for cold storage warehouses, freezer facilities, food storage areas, and other industrial environments that operate in low-temperature conditions.


    Q7: What is the lifespan of UFO LED High Bay Light ?

    A7: These lights are built with high-quality materials and advanced technology, offering a long lifespan and requiring minimal frequent replacements.

    Custom LED Solutions FAQs

    You may eagerly expect your products to stand out in the market, which depends on not only your innovative designs but also personalized LED solutions. How can you bring your creative concepts to life? Here, we have tried to answer some burning questions at Yistar. So, here are some frequently asked questions about customized LED solutions:

    Choosing custom LED solutions allows you to tailor the lighting to your specific needs, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Customized LEDs can offer better energy efficiency, unique color temperatures, and designs that align perfectly with your brand identity, helping you stand out in the market.

    Starting the customization process is simple. Contact our team through our website or customer service hotline to discuss your project requirements. We’ll work with you to understand your needs, offer design recommendations, and provide a quote for the custom LED solutions.

    We offer a wide range of customizations including color temperature, brightness, shape, size, and packaging. Whether you need specific lighting for commercial, industrial, or residential use, we can tailor our LED solutions to meet your exact specifications.

    The development time for custom LED solutions can vary based on the complexity of the project. Typically, it takes between 2 to 4 weeks from the final design approval to the completion of production. We prioritize quality and efficiency to ensure timely delivery.

    Our minimum order quantities are flexible to accommodate different project sizes. Whether you need a small batch for a pilot project or a large quantity for a major installation, we aim to provide solutions that fit your needs while maintaining high quality standards.

    We use robust and secure packaging methods to ensure that your LED products arrive safely. Our packaging materials are designed to protect against damage during transit, and we conduct thorough quality checks before shipment. Additionally, we offer customized packaging solutions to meet specific requirements.

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