Our team

Our team consists of seasoned professionals in the LED industry, each bringing extensive expertise and innovation to every project. We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional service to our clients。

Our team

Whether you’re launching a startup or seeking LED lighting solutions, Yistar’s team of expert designers and LED specialists is here to provide comprehensive guidance. We’re committed to helping you enter the market successfully with professional, high-quality LED products. From conceptual design to custom manufacturing, we work closely with you to ensure every LED solution meets the highest standards. With years of experience, we’ve earned a reputation for developing innovative LED products and building strong brands for our clients.

To maximize the benefits of our services, we encourage you to share your expectations and concerns. This enables us to tailor our guidance specifically to your needs and ensure an excellent experience at every stage of our service.

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Our Working Method Our entire work process is smooth, hassle-free, and well-organized. To begin with, we identify your LED needs, bring all the solutions together, work out your requirements, be it materials, style, design, lighting effects, or finishing, and generate the expected results.


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